Contact Lenses

Our professional staff at Ryan’s Opticians and Medical Eye Centre will be happy to meet , test , supply and fit contact lenses for you. Whether they are for vision enhancement, or just to change eye colour, there’s no need to look any further. We carry a large range of the latest brands of Contact Lenses including Ciba Vision/Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch and Lomb.  We can also order special brands on request. Ongoing checks for contact lenses are performed by our Optometrists.

Contact Lenses - information What can you expect when you choose Ryans’ Opticians and Medical Eye Centre for your Contact Lenses?


  • a thorough eye examination
  • an evaluation of your suitability for contact lenses wear
  • evaluation of the type of contact lens that most suits your individual needs and proposed wearing schedule
  • necessary lens care kits and solutions
  • individual instructions for wear and care, including how to insert and remove your contact lenses
  • follow-up visits over a specified time

Choosing your Contact Lenses

Don’t worry about being overwhelmed when choosing what type of lens to wear, the selection is vast, but they vary in needs. They are broken down into several categories; whether you want to sleep in them, dispose of them daily or based on what the lenses are made of. Based on your initial assessment and discussion with our Optometrist, you will be able to select the lenses which best suit your needs.

Contact lenses are made of many different types of plastic, but they are divided into two main groups: soft or rigid gas permeable. Soft contact lenses contain from 25% to 79% water, are easy to adapt to and are quite comfortable. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses take longer to adapt to, but are more durable and more resistant to deposit buildup. each lens type has its own replacement schedule. This refers to how long you can safely wear them

Please allow one hour for the initial visit and Optical Examination when deciding to wear Contact Lenses

See our Q&A Page for queries you may have on Contact Lenses


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