Our services include:

Routine Eye Testing
Carried out by
Laura Hayes Optometrist
Gerarde Ryan Optometrist
  • Wide range of frames and accessories to suit all ages and budgets
  • Brands in stock include Guess, Gant, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Bench, Lee Cooper, Sketchers, Pineapple, Nike and Flexon- see our Gallery Page
  • Glaucoma Screening
  • Prescription sports glasses/ Prescription Goggles
  • Designer sunglasses include Guess, Gant, Sketchers, La Coste, Ray bans, Gucci
  • Prescription swimming/safety glasses
  • VDU eye tests
  • Driving licence eye tests
  • Colour vision testing
  • Inhouse technician
  • PRSI, Medical card and Private Medical Insurance Panelist including VHI  and LAYA 

Contact Lenses
Eye testing and lens fitting carried out by
Laura Hayes Optometrist
  • Contact Lens fitting for new/existing wearers
  • Supply of all major Contact Lens brands including Ciba Vision/Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb and specialist orders on demand.
  •  We also stock Saline and other solutions
  • Ongoing check-ups

Eye Casualty & Emergency

Care of medical eye conditions

Seen by Medical Opthalmologist

Dr. Mary Jo Ryan

  • Glaucoma and Diabetes cared for
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Eye Conditions
  • Pre and Post Surgery care
  • PRSI/VHI/LAYA Panelist
  • Ryans are the only Wexford Town Optician with a resident Medical Eye Doctor

Glazing and Repair Service

We have our own glazing lab and so glasses can be made up on the premises.  Where possible we also provide an on the spot spectacle/glasses repair service.


We have a large range of Sunglasses in stock.  We can arrange prescription sunglasses/ski goggles or clip-on/magnetic sunglasses to fit your existing glasses.  See our Sunglasses page

Clip-On Flip-Up                                                                Vision Direct - Kids Pink Ski Goggles


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